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Wednesday October 4th, 2017

Artists and teachers – discover the one small step you can take to build more creative learning in Wales

Test out our new website!

We want you to join our exciting group of testers of a new website that will change how artists and teachers find each other and collaborate on amazing projects in Wales.

It’s easy to join and you don’t need to be web savvy, you just need to care passionately that the arts and creative learning can change the way we educate young people.

The website we are creating will be almost like a kind of Tinder for artists and teachers – matching up people who can work together and being an awesome database of arts education opportunities for teachers, artists and arts organisations.

Sound good? Well all we will need from you is a little of your time, and in return, you’ll get a chance to be the first on the site to offer opportunities to collaborate or advertise the workshops, projects and expertise you want to bring to the classroom.

Sign up to be a ‘beta tester’ now and we’ll let you know what to do next.

Sign up on the homepage, or email Tom Beardshaw (

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