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Tuesday January 15th, 2019

Artists, creative agents, project producers: Learning Group – 11/2/19

Artists learning group

February 11 2019 | 17:00-19:00 | Chapter Arts Centre 

(+ May 13 2019 July 15 2019)


The power of peer to peer learning is harnessed and augmented by our Learning Group session that meets four times a year. These open group events are aimed at artists delivering work on education projects or in educational settings, creative agents or project producers.

Group meetings will include:

Presentations of current projects and best practise

Discussion Groups

A chance to network and meet other artists



All A2: Connect Masterclasses and Professional Learning training courses are free for both Teachers and artists to attend and we are able to support teachers to attend by covering the cost of supply staff back in the classroom while you are away.

(This is limited to teachers from schools in the Central South region up to £150 per full day).

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