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A2:Connect Gamelan in the Classroom

Friday 8th November 19 @ St David's Hall - The Hayes, CF10 1AH

If you’d like to bring more music into your classroom, but lack confidence and skills, you’ll leave with bags more after a day learning about the Javanese Gamelan with Helen Woods!

The Javanese Gamelan is a fantastic way to learn about music, work as a team, and build musical understanding in your pupils – AND, you can create your own gamelan style orchestra back at school.

The Gamelan also opens up opportunities to consider connections between sounds, musical cultures and societies around the world.

In this enjoyable and inclusive day, you’ll learn about:

  • Finding and creating patterns in music
  • Human GarageBand
  • Organising sounds from the chaos of a whole class with an instrument in their hand!
  • Using what your school owns to create your own gamelan style orchestra
  • Creating melodies
  • How can we notate our music?
  • Musical cues and listening to each other
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