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Introduction to DJ-ing for Teachers

Tuesday 5th July 22 @ - ,

Tuesday 5 July 2pm-4pm delivered online

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a go at DJ-ing? Lots of teachers can be daunted by the thought of this, however many facets of the discipline involve ‘key skills’ that can be crucial within the Music Curriculum classroom setting. This course is focussed on giving you the skills, confidence and capacity needed to get some of your pupils up to speed in DJ-ing.

It includes;

  • An introduction to the skill of DJ-ing.
  • DJ equipment – what do you need
  • Introducing you to DJ-ing software, Free DJ-ing software and where to download it from.
  • Beat Matching and how to make a mix, including Equaliser levels, pitch, tempo etc.
  • Hot cueing, effects and other features of dj-ing.
  • Ideas and advice regarding ‘how to prepare a short set’.

Often teachers can be daunted by the idea of ‘DJ-ing’, lacking the technical know-how to impart to their pupils. Many pupils can be inspired by the idea of DJ-ing but as a teacher you may not feel at home including this in your teaching plans. Well if you feel like this, then this series of digital workshops may just be the thing for you.

Many aspects of teaching DJ-ing can be straightforward and we don’t have to ‘know it all’ to give our pupils the space to have a go for themselves. If you would like to consider what it might take to include DJ-ing in your delivery, then why not check out this course and see how valuable it could be to expanding your curriculum and assessment delivery!

Expressive Arts Professional Learning Programme Summer 2022

The Central South consortium is working with the A2Connect project to deliver an exciting and varied programme of Professional Learning for teachers led by practising artists and creative practitioners. These are designed to inspire teachers at all levels; to nurture confidence, skills, and to support the development of new approaches to teaching expressive arts in line with the Curriculum for Wales framework.

Tickets for teachers in the Central South Consortium area schools are free.

A limited number of paid places are available for Teachers from schools which are not affiliated to the Central South Consortium.

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