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Find funding for your school’s creative activities


We’ve collected some useful information to help you find funding for your school’s creative activities, and get tips on fundraising. Do pass this on to your school’s business manager – and let us know if you have anything you’d like to add.

** Funding Applications and Bidwriting for Schools 4/7/19**

Searchable spreadsheet of funding for schools

First off, we’ve updated our spreadsheet of grants available to schools so that you can easily find grants suitable for arts, music, those focusing on disadvantage, and general grants which have a specific schools focus.

You can view or download it here.

Do you have any to add? Please comment on the spreadsheet or email us with a link.

Useful advice

Secondly, we’ve gathered a few blog posts and videos that you may find useful:

Great tips for fundraising from a primary teacher and former cultural education consultant

Useful summaries of crowdfunding and how you could use it for your school

Your school’s business manager may well already subscribe to a grants notification service or buy a grants book, but if not this is just one tool you could use:

Do you have something to share to help other schools?

If you’ve discovered a great blog or website about fundraising, a grant fund that you’ve applied to, or a way of raising income that you’ve found to work, we’d love to share it on here and on our social networks.

You’ll be helping other schools and getting publicity for your school. Just pop us an email and we’ll contact you for a quick phone call – then we’ll do all the rest.

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