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Wednesday May 27th, 2020

How can we help teachers?

Tell us if there is something we can do to help you.

A2connect would like to know how you are doing as lockdown continues and schools remain closed. We want to find out, how can we help teachers?

We are here and we want to support teachers to get through this challenging time.

How can we help teachers?

Let us know what things would help you and your pupils to get through today, tomorrow and the uncertain future. If we can do it then we will.

Please email your thoughts to


Finally here are some new links you might enjoy…


…and don’t forget our blog post in march with a full round up of digital activities.


*Create and discover opportunities for your school and pupils, or your creative business*

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a creative person to share skills and inspiration with your pupils … or a creative person looking for teachers and pupils who can benefit from your input: make sure to CREATE as well as SEARCH for opportunities on Plwg.

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