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Thursday September 15th, 2016

Who are we?

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. From the intangible and amorphous group who seem to connect, share and organise effectively through leaderless ensembles emerging from professional association or frequent attendance at a particular place or watering hole, through to the officially sanctioned, set up and managed type with administrative support, programmes of activities, organisational goals and such.

A2:Connect is very much the latter in these early stage but we’d like to our network to embrace the openness, freedom and accessibility of the former. We hope that who become involved will feel able to describe it as “our network”.

So first off we should introduce ourselves……

We are David Baxter & Bryony Harris who run Arts Active from St David’s Hall in Cardiff. We have both worked for some years bringing the arts that we love to schools and communities in the Cardiff and Central South Wales area. Over the years (and we do mean YEARS!) we built a range of contacts amongst the thriving arts community in the region as well as having worked with many of different schools and teachers. Whilst in both cases we are both creators and practitioners, we know that our strength lies in the ties we have, can continue to build and share throughout this network. To serve and develop the network we will also be bringing in project managers, marketeers, artists and education specialist as part of an extended team.

We know that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel in our efforts to being the arts and education sectors together – we know that there is so much all ready to be celebrated taking place in our schools. So please keep a look out for, and send us case studies or showcase information of the best practise that you see going on around you. This blog as well as a noticeboard for activities training opportunities etc is also a space for you in which to share skills celebrate success and learn from each other.


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